1st Strobist Meetup: Results

16 Feb

I am excited to share the results from a shoot I did late January with you.

Enjoy the photo slide-show… I would love to read your comments below.



Me, of course 🙂

Make-up Artists (MUA’s):
Sue Ellen Chohan
Nicola Pantazis

Francesca Pujia
Neveah Charlton
Victoria Peachey
David Ulla
Germaine Bailey
Michael David

Ghene Snowdon


My First Strobist Flickr Meetup

28 Jan

I am so excited for this weekend… for the first time ever I am going to a meet-up of the London Flickr Strobist group.

What does that all mean?

Well, if you own a camera and therefore are even remotely interested in gear, lighting and great insights into photography you have to know “The Strobist” or David Hobby as his passport says. David runs a photography blog (started in 2006) and have quickly grown into one of the more popular photo-blogs. He shares daily insights, tips, gear and the occasional rant all related to photography.

The London Flickr Strobist group is a group of photographers in and around London who have joined up on the popular photography network and social site Flickr to share and learn photography from each other. They organise regular meet-ups and each one seems to be of a great standard while maintaining a low pressure environment. Well, that is my assumption based on what I have seen online… more on this after this weekends shoot.

I have been a member of the London Strobist group a few years now… mostly silently watching and learning from great photographers, but this weekend I get to meet some of them in real life and have the opportunity to broaden my knowledge and build my portfolio a little more.

We have a wedding theme for the weekend… but I will reveal more after the weekend’s shoot.

For know… you will just have to wait.


Read more about lighting on “The Stobist” by David Hobby by clicking here.

To join the London Strobist group on Flickr click here.