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Printing Wild in Africa

21 Feb

I recently had a very important decision to make…

During the recent December holiday, I made a family portrait for my Mom with the intention of printing this on a canvas to feature in their home in South Africa.

Having returned to London, after a great holiday, I took some time to get the final image “just right” and to my Mom’s specifications.
But, then I had this big decision to make… where do I print the canvas?

Do I print to canvas in the UK and ship to my parents in South Africa risking damage in transit or,
Do I print it locally (in South Africa) and have it hand delivered to my parents?

After a quick Google search and some help / recommendations from friends (in South Africa) I came across a company called Print Wild. Take a look at their promotional video:

You would agree that the quality of their products look very convincing and that they take a lot of care in the packaging of the products. So, needless to say, I loved their video – it convinced me to give them the honour of printing my first family portrait for my parents on canvas.
My parents are now the proud owners of a beautiful family portrait on a Print Wild Canvas!

A big “thank you” to Print Wild for their professional service and speedy delivery… it’s a great example of friendly South African service delivering a quality product.

I will definitely use them again for any printing sent to South Africa!


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19 May

This weekend I happened to be in the right place at the right time… the makers of iTimelapse decided to give it away for free this past weekend and I made my first time-lapse video with the iPhone 3G.

Time-lapse photography is where you take a series of photo at a certain interval and then put them together as a video to create motion.
I used 1,284 photos at 5second intervals (that’s nearly 2hrs!!) and put it together at 16fps (frames per second).

But enough talk, have a look at the London Eye sunset…

Remember… this was all done with an iPhone 3G with no other adjustments… Let me know what you think by hitting back on the comments.