Printing Wild in Africa

21 Feb

I recently had a very important decision to make…

During the recent December holiday, I made a family portrait for my Mom with the intention of printing this on a canvas to feature in their home in South Africa.

Having returned to London, after a great holiday, I took some time to get the final image “just right” and to my Mom’s specifications.
But, then I had this big decision to make… where do I print the canvas?

Do I print to canvas in the UK and ship to my parents in South Africa risking damage in transit or,
Do I print it locally (in South Africa) and have it hand delivered to my parents?

After a quick Google search and some help / recommendations from friends (in South Africa) I came across a company called Print Wild. Take a look at their promotional video:

You would agree that the quality of their products look very convincing and that they take a lot of care in the packaging of the products. So, needless to say, I loved their video – it convinced me to give them the honour of printing my first family portrait for my parents on canvas.
My parents are now the proud owners of a beautiful family portrait on a Print Wild Canvas!

A big “thank you” to Print Wild for their professional service and speedy delivery… it’s a great example of friendly South African service delivering a quality product.

I will definitely use them again for any printing sent to South Africa!


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