Tell a story

20 Nov

Thanks to Twitter I came recently across the

STAGES OF LIFE (as shown in 50 emotional photographs)

It is collection of 50 photos showing the stages of human life from beginning to end. What I like about the collection is that although each photo has a story within it is really when they are seen in consecutive order that the photographs begin to live and tell the full story.

It made me think, as photographers we should always aim to tell a story with each photo we present to our clients, but how cool will it be when we can present them 50 photos (or more!) in an album… a true way of telling THEIR STORY.

There are some great new things coming in the next week and in the new year, but for now please follow me on @jdutoitphoto onTwitter.


Here’s the link to the 50 photographs on the “Stages of Life” thanks to @Photo_Pioneer. Follow him on Twitter here.

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