GoPro Winter Fun

5 Nov


GoPro Hero HD

GoPro Hero HD

I love talking to people about photography and this week I spoke to a good friend about his upcoming winter holiday.
He was really excited to go snowboarding soon and told me about this cool little camera he saw online recently… the GoPro HD Helmet Hero.

We were immediately on the web looking at the cool little camera with endless possibilities and enjoying some of the videos posted on the website.

Would I buy this camera? Sure! I really love this camera because it seems to be sturdy (some of those guys in the sample videos give it a beating!) and it is waterproof to 60m (apparently), it shoots stills and video… but not any video… 1080p (full) HD video!

To put that into perspective, that is what the Canon 5D mkII shoots!! WOW!!

And all of this is yours for only $299 – you get this small 1080p HD video and stills camera that is shockproof, waterproof to 60m and bombproof (huh? I wont test it, but ok… if they say so).
There are two other models available: the Surf and Motorsports models that come with different mountings; or you can just buy it “naked”.

Below is a snowboarding video that make me long for the slopes… oh bring on the winter!

And here is the web link to the supplier:

Now go have fun!!


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