I suffer from PSD

29 Oct

Before you run for the hills after I announced that “I have PSD” please read this first…

I have recently read that they (finally) came up with a name for the disease that most artists / photographers have been suffering from since 1988.

It is called:

φωτογραφία επιδεξιότητα κατάστημα (big Greek name)

Or “PSD” for short.

This disease has evolved from the 80’s and is now classified as either CS5 or CS5 – extended. Both versions are contagious, but luckily they are not airborne, yet. They can only be transmitted by touching certain devices that were previously used by an infected person, also known as an artist / photographer.

To learn more about this disease DO NOT go to you local GP or medical expert, he/she/they cannot help you, all that you will need to know about “PSD” can be found at ihavepsd.com.

Go now… “Jake” is waiting to tell you about “PSD”.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, this is all hearsay!

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