Not a new photo technique

8 Oct

Grammar / noun

Grammar / noun

This week’s Best of the Week is not about a great new product or an awesome new Photoshop technique.

This week is about something less flashy and something more basic.

In this day and age where almost anyone can create a website that can “wow” you with effects and features, constantly provide Twitter updates and Poke you on Facebook, should we not take a step back and really think about the content?

People like Seth Godin; Kelvin Newman and Andy White from the Internet Marketing Podcast; and Tim Ferris always go on about content, but on GoingPro2010 Scott Bourne takes it a step further! He asks that we really look at not only the content, but really read what we are “saying”.

How often do we throw things out as quick as we can into the great void of the Internet without even checking if our spelling or grammar is correct.
I know, I have done it on more than one occasion (not proudly I should add!)… turning red in the face (with a combination of anger and/or shame) when my error is pointed out. So…

Please, correct me when I am wrong!
Please, take some time to check your own thoughts before you click send!

Go and read the original post on GoingPro2010 that prompted this post.

And since I have mentioned Seth Godin above, he posted a very helpful guide to writing your “About” page, reviewing your website’s spelling and grammar is a perfect opportunity to look at your “About” page.
Read Seth’s tips here: Five rules for your About page


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