Best of the Week: 1 Oct ’10

1 Oct

Canon Pro Solutions 2010

Wow, a year has gone by already…!!
My first Canon Pro Solutions was last year and I am looking forward to this year to see all of the new Canon products as well as the new products from all the other vendors normally exhibiting.

A particular highlight from 2009 for me was the taking a couple of shots with the mounted Canon 1Ds MkIII on the balcony overlooking the exhibition hall with an 800mm f4 lens… in one word… WOW!
I wonder what this year should have a few things to make you think about Christmas lists and so forth… aaah… new toys!

If you have not already registered, go do so now at See you there!!

There is another photo event happening this weekend, it is “KIKI London” hosted by the very talented Christine Meintjies… a South African wedding photographer that has a beautiful style and have been featured in numerous publications.

I look forward to meeting Christine and everyone at the KIKI London event on 2 October 2010 at Abbey Woods: Ruins and Forest.
You can see more of Christine’s work at her main website:

Now let me get going, I have to prepare for KIKI!!


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