Best of the Week: 17 Sept ’10

17 Sep
aloft Hotel, Plano, Dallas (TX)

aloft Hotel, Plano, Dallas (TX)

I have been in Dallas (Texas) this week and I am about to board my plane back to London hoping that the 100° F (40° C) could come with me to London, but that is highly unlikely.

So, I thought I would quickly post my Best of the Week link, a way to get your own website free (mahala, verniet, gratis, livre).

I found an initiative called the GBBO or Getting British Business Online and they offer free domains and websites in 20min. Why not give them a try:

And then there is the age-old question that every photographer – new or old – ask at some point in their career ot a friend, collegue, or even a shop assistant:

“What camera should I buy?”

To see the best answer I have seen in a long time, please click here.

More coming next week…


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