Best of the Week: 10 Sept ’10

10 Sep

Its spring time in the southern hemisphere and that means that we have to get ready for autumn and the soon to follow winter here in London.
There is only two things that I find great about winter – good food and shopping!

If you don’t know where to go or if you are just bored with your “normal shops”… then check out London’s TOP 50 shops:
And when you are done shopping give me a call and we could go and take some great photos of your new outfit(s).

Cool video from the man who shot the mayor of NYC (Rudy Guiliani) . I love how he describes the setup of the shoot… and of course his bow tie!
Gregory Heisler on the Strobist:

I also read on Seth Godin’s blog this week a very interesting perspective.
He blogged about what you should think about when buying and/or pricing products and services. Do you want to be cheap or do you like value?
Seth Godin – Sometimes, price is an attitude:

That’s it from me for this week’s Best of the Week.


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