Best of the Week: 3 Sept ’10

3 Sep
Seaside in Bournemouth

Seaside in Bournemouth

It’s that time again… the Best of the Week blog post. I must admit this week has gone much quicker that I have thought. We had a bank holiday last weekend and this meant the week is one day shorter… thankfully!

But that also means that I did not have as much time as I would have like to at my disposal to browse and find some interesting things to post. And given last weeks news, it would be hard to follow in any case.

Well, here goes my (short) list…

Awesome news, at least for me, was the announcement from Sony that their new photo frames will be able to “The latest S-Frame range of Sony photo frames brings your precious memories to life like never before…”.

Why am I so excited? Well, if you look at the YouTube link on the right hand side you will see two of my slide shows that I have long wished could be displayed in your home… just imagine!
So why not book a shoot with me between now and Christmas so that we can create beautiful presents together!
DC Views on the S-Frame range coming soon ::

Looking for something fun to do with a camera but don’t have anyone around or can’t convince anyone to come over for a photo shoot… why don’t you take photos of yourself?
DPS Self Portraits ::

That’s it for this week, hope next week will have some more.

There will be a seperate post about a great portrait session in Bournemouth over the weekend.


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