What do you do with your pictures?

14 Aug

This is a bit late, but this week I saw a blog post on “GoingPro 2010” that made me think… With the move to digital… what do you do with your images, photos, pictures… call them what you want.

Do you KEEP them on your hard-drive? There are currently many ways on which you can store your digital photos – which one or combination do you prefer?

How do you PROTECT them? Photos are “captured moments” and if you are not careful those moment can be lost forever due to a virus, outdated formats, and the normal fire, etc that threaten to take your “memories” away.

Which leads me to the question… do you SHARE your photos with anyone? To me photos, moments, really come to live when you share it with people. When friends, family, strangers, all add their little story or interpretation to your photos that is when they breathe life into your photos!

This is exactly what Kodak thought… when you listen carefully pictures ask you to:

keep me, protect me, share me”!!

A short but powerful message!

If you want to read what Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen had to say about this on their blog “Going Pro 2010” click here to read their post.


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