Busy July ahead

2 Jul

For a 25hr day

Is it not strange how we are all looking for more all the time… more time all the time! But what we should really be focussing on is to get the things that we have to get done done first and then focus on the “other stuff” that can wait an hour, day, week… or does not even have to be done.

With that being said, I have a busy month lying ahead… there are a bunch of stuff I need to get done and one of them is to work through my photos of my recent trip to Croatia (click here for more on this awesome place). I look forward to sharing this with you soon!

Then there is the Scott Kelby World Wide Photowalk (click here for more details) on the 24th of July.

And the weekend of the 31st / 1st will be a busy weekend indeed… more info on this later.

In the background I have been working on two articles and front covers of a new online magazine – The SA Expat, UK edition (you can see it all here).

I know July will be one of my busiest months… and I know it will spill over to atleast the first week in August, BUT… its going to be fun… and I will be eating a few of those Bar-One’s!!

I look forward to sharing more with you after my self induced sugar rush has passed.


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