The Underwater Photographer

7 Jun

The much anticipated 4th Edition of “The Underwater Photographer” by Author and SLR guru Martin Edge is now available.

Congratulations to my friend, Mark Koekemoer, on his in depth coverage of Digital Compacts (Chapter 2), hailed as the most comprehensive chapter on compacts to date.
And congratulations to Steve Warren for his contribution on SLR camera housings (Chapter 3).

When Steve and Mark are not writing about how to take your photography underwater you can find them at Ocean Optics in Basildon (map here).

Ocean Optics has been at the forefront of providing the best equipment and advice to underwater photographers for thirty years. Steve Warren and Mark Koekemoer are specialists who shoot underwater pictures themselves. Their unique location, on the Underwater Studios movie lot, means they can personally introduce you to your new equipment underwater – in the purpose built 6 metre deep filming tank.

So why not get in contact with them to find out who you can take your photography to a new depth! See their website for more details.

And go buy “The Underwater Photographer” today!! 🙂


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