Quicky – Old School

31 May

Hey guys, just a quick note…

Friday I posted the “Old School Photo Challenge” from Scott Kelby, if you missed that please click here for more details.

Well, thanks to an awesome 3 day weekend, yes we had a public holiday here in the UK, and me leaving things to the very last (hoping for some improved weather that never came!) I only went out today to take some photos.

The rules were simple:

1) Take 24 or 36 photos
2) Your LCD should be turned off so you imitate the “Old School” film camera days
3) You should not change ISO during the shoot (you could never do that mid-film!)
4) Wait 24hrs before looking at the photos
5) No post processing allowed (right Mr. Kelby!!)
6) Print at least one photo

So, my 24hrs have started and I can only view them tomorrow night. I will then select my best photo and post it on Flickr, Facebook and off-course this Blog.

Then I would like to have your comments on this challenge, but please be gentle!  🙂


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