Round-an-round she goes

8 May


A little while ago I decided to ask you to help decide the theme for the 2nd Model Day that will be held in June / July.

Thank you to everyone that voted, this was an exciting experiment for me to have you (Friends & Fans) have a direct say in what the underlying theme will be for this Model Day.

Drum roll please!!

The votes have been counted and the theme for Model Day 2 will be:

“Emotional Colour”

Ok, it’s not “emotion” or “colour”, but that is due to the fact that after three days of extra voting time and nearly double the votes the results came back to a draw.
(Guess all this “hung-parliament” stuff rubbed off!!)

I will shortly be announcing the date and location… So keep an eye out here and on the Facebook Page of JDUTOIT for the announcement and event invite!!


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