Common question, different answer!

30 Mar

Riley Wedding

WOW… thanks Scott Bourne for making my day…

He reminded me how photographers (myself included) can very easily get into the technology race of what camera, lens, accessory to buy / use and we will stare with envious eyes at those who have bigger, better, newer equipment.

Well I have seen some amazing photos taken with surprisingly low spec cameras… which proves the point that you don’t always need the latest and greatest to make the best photo… think about Chase Jarvis and his Best Camera book where he shows some amazing photos taken with an iPhone!

I even think back to (not so long ago) when I did not even own a DLSR and had to cover a wedding using a point and shoot. I must admit that I loved that point and shoot and new all of its features and its flaws… and how to use them or work around them… and I got some great photos!!

Maybe that is our problem, we are so caught up in the “what’s good on paper” that we forget that to get things to look good on photographic paper we need to read our manuals, understand our camera’s and think before we (point-and) shoot!

Read the full article that made me laugh on Scott Bourne’s website here.


One Response to “Common question, different answer!”

  1. Purple Apple Studios March 31, 2010 at 08:50 #

    I so agree with you on this one J! Most photographers ask what brand of camera you use before they look at your work… I do the same!

    Photography is about the art. If you do not know how to work the light, subject, environment or post-production you can have the best camera and still fail to get the image that captures the moment.

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