Recent trip: Brazil

28 Feb

Sunset over Rio with Christ the Reddemer

I recently got back from an amazing trip to Brazil.

After the glorious sunshine Brazil offered the rainy welcome to London was a little depressing, but let’s focus on the great trip rather than the British weather.

How do you sum up Brazil? (where is Brazil?)
Vibrant, lively, loud, beautiful, diverse, friendly… but I think that one word captures the country and it’s people:

I did not manage to do all I wanted to do, for those that don’t know… Brazil is pretty BIG! But what I did and the places I saw I really enjoyed.
The main places I got to see were Sao Paulo, Santos, Praia Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Ilhabela and Sao Jose do Rio Preto.

Of course Brazil is very famous for one event, and it was my pleasure to attend the 2010 Rio Carnival at the Sambodromo!!

Rio Carnival 2010

The choreography, sound, and vibrant costumes was everything it promised and more! It really does look much better in real live than on TV and it is an event I will not easily forget!!

There are so many beautiful memories from Brazil, and there is so much more i want to do and see… I am already dreaming of my next trip to the wonderful country of Samba, Sun and Friendly People!!

Portella Samba School at Rio Carnival 2010

A special thank you to the whole Borduqui family for your generosity, showing me Brazil and making me a part of the family.

Without the friendly local tour guides I doubt the holiday would have been the same.

CLICK HERE for some photos


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