Model Search And Featured Photographer

1 Feb

Model: Aline

Today I had the privilege to be a featured photographer on EOS-Network, I had the opportunity to talk about three of my photos and asked me how I feel about wedding photography and what advice I would give new photographers.
So click here to read more.

If you are a photographer I would strongly recommend you join EOS-Network for up to date news as well as a chance to share your photos, enter competitions and have your photo critiqued.
And if you are a Canon shooter, then you absolutely have to… it is after all… EOS-Network… but don’t worry… Nikon shooters are also welcome.

What is next at Photography by Johan du Toit?
What can be more fun than to have a new look right before summer?

We are having a hair and make-up shoot in March shooting creative styles and lighting and promising some interesting images!
Join the event on Facebook or send me an e-mail directly to secure your place.

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